5 ways to reduce your travelling carbon footprint

The Arctic is melting, wildfires continue to spread and by the time you’ve read this post 85 tons of plastic will make its way into the ocean. Global Warming is real and being mindful of your contributions are more important than ever.

Here are a few ways to reduce your carbon footprint while travelling.


Pack a traveller for the road

Plastic lined coffee and other beverage cups are the third most common type of plastic contributing to pollution. A reusable water bottle is a travel must-have, not only does it cut back on pollution, it’s trendy.

Check out which coffee shops near you offer a discount when using your own reusable container!


Get eco-zy

Ecotourism is motivated by a desire to operate with the fewest resources possible, seamlessly blending into natural surroundings. Many local communities such as the photo above, are offering accommodations in an effort to unite, educate and practice sustainable travel.

Ecotourism is a great way to support local and offers an authentic and often unique experience submerged in nature.

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Slow down

Become part of the emerging slow travel trend. Travel is about distressing and surrendering yourself to a wide-open agenda. Find a slow mode of transportation and connect more intensely with local places and cultures.

Opt out of flying when you can. One round-trip flight between New York and California, is equivalent to 20 percent of the greenhouse gases your car emits over an entire year. Tip: If you have to rent a car, go electric or hybrid, and squeeze in as many as many passengers as you can —I promise you it’s fun!


Lay off the burgs

While I am not suggesting you scratch it off the menu completely —that’d be crazy 😉

The sheer size of the meat industry alone contributes considerably to global greenhouse gas emissions. Eating less meat and practising a plant-based diet not only lowers the cost of food production, it generally leads to a healthier well-being.

Next time you find yourself in a new place, consider checking out the local farmers’ market for locally sourced and seasonal foods. Taste testing through a local market is the best way to discover the home-made love of a new place.


Hit the switch

You’ve checked into your hotel, you’ve done a mini fridge inventory, jumped on the bed and you smell like wood sage and sea salt courtesy of the hotel’s latest hand lotion. It’s time to hit the town. It’s as simple as making sure all the lights are off before leaving.

Also, unplug at home before you travel. Air-conditioners and water heaters are energy vampires, along with electronics and small appliances. Anything plugged in will continue to generate power.

Beyond travel, the awareness of climate change should be ingrained into (y)our everyday. Try taking the plastic pledge or join a local clean up and keep the conversation going!

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